Privacy policy


We attach great importance to the protection of your personal data and we only collect and process your personal data to the extent necessary for conducting our activities. We process your personal data lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner, for pre-determined purposes and to the extent necessary for those purposes. When processing your personal data, we seek to ensure accuracy, security and confidentiality as well as appropriate storage and protection of your personal data.

We process your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”), the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania as well as other statutory requirements for the processing of personal data.

The Privacy Policy applies to all individuals whose personal information is processed by us.


Data is processed by UAB Baltic Contracting Group, company code 302541541, VAT number LT100005653413, Malūnininkų g. 3, Klaipėda, 92264 Lithuania, and UAB Skanlika, company code 142136214, VAT number LT421362113, Malūnininkų g. 3, Klaipėda, 92264 Lithuania.


When you provide it directly to us. You provide your personal data to us in connection with sending your resume or cover letter to us, applying to vacancies advertised by us on job posting sites, registering on our website, communicating with us by phone, email or during meetings, completing our questionnaires, performing tasks or tests given to us or contacting us through social networking sites (e. g. Facebook, LinkedIn). When you contact us in writing or by e-mail, we collect the information relating to any communication that you send to us.

When you use websites managed by us. When you use websites managed by us, some information (e. g. your internet protocol (IP) address, the access device used, the browser used, number of visits, the pages viewed on our website, the time you spend on the website, and the sites you visited before accessing our website) is collected automatically.

When we obtain your personal data from third parties in the manner established by statutory regulations and/or this Privacy Policy.

We may merge personal data received from you with other data that we have collected from other public or publicly accessible sources. For example, we may merge personal data that you have provided with the data obtained through website cookies, data collected for the purposes of providing our services to you, or the data legally obtained from third parties. In exercising your rights, you are entitled to request us to rectify any inaccurate personal data that relates to you.


We process your personal data for the following purposes:

For the provision of services. We process your personal data for the purpose of providing services to you or other persons: for identifying the candidates that meet the requirements of our clients; selecting and screening them to determine if they are fit for the position offered; and introducing them to employers or offering them employment with our company.

For this purpose, we process your personal data that you have provided to us (e. g. your resume details, any data relating to our communication with you or other information required for employment), data collected during your use of our website or other websites and/or data obtained from other sources (e. g. recommendation letters from current or former employers or acquaintances; social networking sites; media outlets).

For this purpose, we provide or transmit your information to our partners or clients, i. e. employers who are on the lookout for candidates. They will be the data controllers of your information together with us. We will not transfer your personal data to our clients except for the data processed on the basis of this Privacy Policy. We have contracts in place with our clients whereby both parties are required to safeguard your personal data.

For this purpose, we process your personal data for as long as we provide you with our services. If your personal data is processed in providing services to other persons, we, upon receipt of your consent, will keep your personal data for 5 years from the date of receipt of such consent.

For the management of our candidate database. After the completion of a specific screening process for which you have provided your personal data, we will process your personal data so that in the future we are able to offer you a job or career opportunities, to recruit and select candidates that fit our clients’ needs, to assess whether those candidates are a good fit for the position offered and to introduce them to employers.

For this purpose, we process the same personal data that is processed for the provision of services, we transfer it to the same persons and we store it for the period of 5 years from receipt of your consent.

For managing work activities of our employees. To the extent permitted or required by law, we process the personal data of our employees in accordance with our internal rules of procedure.

For the purpose of performing the contracts. In order to identify the customer or supplier, perform service activities, process and administer customer or supplier orders, issue customer or supplier accounting documents, solve problems related to the scope of services provided to the customer, fulfill other obligations of the Company.

For this purpose, we process the following personal data:

name, surname, date of birth, personal identification number, age, address of residence, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.;

For direct marketing purposes. Having obtained a consent from you, we process your personal data in order to offer you our services and the services of our partners or other parties involved with us as well as to improve our services.

For this purpose, we process your name, your telephone number, and your e-mail address; we also process the data about the visitors of the websites of the Company or third-party websites relating to the use of such websites.

If processing of your personal data is based on your consent, and you revoke your consent or it expires, we will terminate the processing of your personal data with the exception of data that prove your consent to be kept for no longer than 10 (ten) years for the purpose of pursuing, enforcing or defending our legitimate claims.

We will not process your personal data for purposes not compatible with those listed above.


We guarantee that we will not sell or otherwise provide your personal information to third parties without legal basis and that we will not use it for purposes others than what it was collected for. We will not provide your personal data to third parties in ways other than those specified in this Privacy Policy and in applicable statutory regulations. However, we reserve the right to disclose your personal information if required by law or when requested by legal authorities or prosecution bodies.

We may transfer your personal data to the companies that are engaged in our activities (partners, clients, suppliers). We require that our partners only process your personal data on our instructions and in accordance with applicable laws that ensure the protection of your personal information. We enter into agreements with them whereby parties are strictly required to adhere to personal data protection requirements.

The above-mentioned service providers have limited opportunities to use your personal data as they are not allowed to use this data for purposes other than those relating to the provision of services.


The data we collect from you will be stored within the European Union but it may be transferred or stored outside the EU. Your data may also be processed by our employees or the employees of our suppliers who are based outside the EU. When transferring your data outside the EU, we will take every necessary step to ensure that your data is processed in a safe and secure manner pursuant to this Privacy Policy.

Unfortunately, the transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure. Although we will do our best to protect your personal data, we cannot guarantee the security of your data transmitted to our sites; any transmission is entirely at your own risk. Once we have received your information, we will use strict procedures and security features to try to prevent unauthorized access.

In the unlikely event of a personal data breach where that breach is likely to result in a high risk to your rights and freedoms, we will inform you of the breach without delay after we become aware of the breach and after we identify the type of information affected by the breach.


Our websites may contain links to external websites including the websites of our business partners or websites advertising our services. When clicking through to any of those websites, take note that these websites or services available through them are subject to their own privacy policies and we shall not be responsible or liable for the privacy policies of those external websites or for the personal data (e. g. contact details or local information) collected on those websites or in the course of providing services through those websites. Please make sure you read the privacy policy of any of those websites before providing your personal data on those sites or before using the services offered on them.


When processing your personal data, we guarantee your rights in accordance with the GDPR and the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania. As a data subject, you have the following rights:

a) the right to be informed about the processing of your personal data;

b) the right to request a review of your personal data processed by us;

c) the right to request rectification of incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete personal data;

d) the right to request that your personal data be deleted or destroyed if such data it is not longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected;

e) the right to request that your personal data be deleted or destroyed if the processing of such data is unlawful or if you withdraw or decline your consent for the processing of personal data where such consent is required;

f) the right to object to the processing of personal data and to withdraw the consent you have previously given;

g) the right to revoke any consent previously given for the processing of personal data where the processing of your personal data for specific purposes is performed on the basis of your consent;

h) the right to request that the processing activities (except for storage) of your personal data be suspended in the event of disputes or in cases where the lawfulness of data processing or the accuracy of data must be verified or where your personal data is no longer necessary and you do not want us to erase it;

i) the right to request that (if it is technically feasible) your personal data collected on the basis of your consent or for the performance of the contract be provided in a machine-readable format or request that such data be transmitted to another data controller.

We will do our best to safeguard your data subject rights and to ensure all necessary conditions for the efficient exercise of those rights. However, we reserve the right to decline your requests where we need to ensure:

a) the performance of legal obligations imposed on us;

b) national security and protection of the state;

c) public order and crime prevention, investigation, detection or prosecution;

d) important national economic or financial interests;

e) prevention, investigation and detection of the breaches of professional ethics;

f) protection of your rights and freedoms of the rights and freedoms of other persons;

You may submit your requests relating to the exercise of your rights in person, by post or via electronic means. Once we receive your inquiry, we may ask you to provide documentary evidence to verify your identity or other necessary information relating to your request.

After we receive your request, we will respond to you no later than within 30 calendar days from the receipt of your request and from the submission of all documents necessary for us to respond you.

If we deem it necessary, we will suspend the processing activities of your personal data with the exception of data storage until your request is resolved. If you withdraw your consent by legitimate means, we shall, without delay and in any event no later than within 30 calendar days, terminate any processing activities of your personal data except for the cases set out in paragraph 8.2 of this Privacy Policy and those set forth in applicable laws, i. e. where further processing of your personal data is required by law or where we are compelled to do so by legal obligations, court decisions or mandatory orders issued to us by relevant authorities. If we decline your request, we will provide you with clear reasons for this decision. If you do not agree with our actions or our response to your request, you may challenge our actions or decisions by filing a complaint to a competent state authority.


All changes to this Privacy Policy will be published on our websites. If necessary, we will notify you of these changes. New terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy may also be posted on our websites and you may need to read and agree to them so that you can continue using our websites and/or our services.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or need to send related documents, please contact us: su šia Privatumo politika susijusius dokumentus siųskite toliau nurodytais kontaktais:

by mail: Malūnininkų g. 3, Klaipėda, 92264 Lithuania;

by email: info@baltcontract.eu or info@skanlika.com.

Date of publication: May 25th 2018